Care Guidance


1. Safety First
Never leave your candle unattended. To protect your furniture, make sure it is placed on a heatproof surface or a coaster.

2. Little and Often
Lighting your candle for a max. of 2-3 hours is enough to fill most rooms with scent, and will prevent the wick form sooting up or 'mushrooming'.

3. Keep it trimmed
The ideal length for a wick is 5-10mm, any longer and it could become sooty or slop into and set inside the wax as it cools.

Reed Diffusers

1. Be Careful
The oils used in our reed diffusers could stain fabrics or mark furniture if not used with care.

2. Refresh the scent
Carefully turn your reeds every 1-2 weeks to release a scent boost and keep the reeds saturated with fragrance.

We've got you covered....

Candle Snuffer – Extinguish your candles safely, and minimise smoke, with this elegant candle snuffer.

Wick Trimmer – Shaped to easily trim candle wicks to keep your candle at its best and maximise scent.

Wick Dipper – This handy tool will tease up a sunken wick or remove foreign objects from your wax pool, such as match heads.

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