The Manor, Bardney

The Manor candle, inspired by the manorial home of John Sharp in Bardney the renowned seed producer who purchased the 18th Century Manor from the Earl of Harrowby in 1858. The manor house grounds featured a large walled garden remnants of the wall can still be seen today as it is Class II listed. Along the walls of the garden stretched an extensive greenhouse, nearly ¾ of a mile long!

The greenhouses featured tropical fruits such as pineapples, once a sign of wealth and strictly only for those who could afford them, oranges and extensive grapevines were grown in these greenhouses. Oranges were often given as a gift by the Sharp family to children of the village at Christmas.

While much of the original walled garden was built on and sold off over the years, the Manor’s current owners have fantastic plans to restore the remaining gardens to bring them back to life.

Inspired by...

Inspired by the produce once cultivated in the expansive greenhouses of the Manor House, this candle is a fresh scent of tropical pineapple, with sharp zesty bergamot lifted by woody rosemary and hints of bay leaf.

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